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Coffee for us is a true art of aromas and flavors harmonization.

We are exporters and suppliers of Brazilian specialty green coffees.

We work with coffees from our own production, from our family and from projects with producers committed to quality and the same values as ours.

We supply coffees for espresso and filter coffee , starting from 83 points , milk chocolate, and full bodied up to unique and exotic micro lots from 85 to 90 points.

Get to know our coffee and arts lines, and if you want more information, contact our team.

Welcome to our coffees & arts profile

crazy coffe png.png
Crazy Coffee

So rich and crazy as life can be, this coffee is pure art, with a variety of exotic and complex flavors from its fermentation process.
You taste a new experience in every sip.

Cupping profile:

  • Marmalade

  • Pineapple

  • Grape

jag berry mockup.jpg
Jag Berry

With its liqueurous body, notes of red fruits, wild berries and citric acidity, this label is great for composing your drinks and for harmonizing.

Cupping profile:

  • Strawberry

  • Blueberry

  • Grape

Jag cult png.png
Jag Cult

Thrills the palate by its velvety body, dried fruit notes and almonds.
This coffee  matches with your evening, moments with family, friends and reading. 
It's the most characteristic profile of the farm.
It's a coffee for all your moments.

Cupping Profile:
• Plums
• Almonds
• Chocolate

Jag Summer mockup.jpg
Jag Summer

Surprises the palate for its freshness, this coffee with typical yellow fruit notes of the tropics, reminds us that good feeling of our famous tropical summer.


Cupping profile:

  • Passion fruit

  • Star fruit

  • Caramel

bloom mockup.jpg
Jag Bloom

Its aroma recalls the remarkable flowering of coffee, with a dense body and light notes of brown sugar. This coffee surprises the palate with its delicacy and sweetness.

Cupping profile:

  • Chamomile

  • Striking sweetness

  • Honey

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