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Jaguara Farm

The history of Jaguara started with Antonio Wander in 2001, agronomist and researcher and two friends who are also agronomists who decided to plant coffee for the first time.

In 2013, André Luiz, son of Antonio Wander, took over the farm together with Natália and began to innovate with sustainable planting techniques, making the most of the available natural resources.

Jaguara farm covers 90 hectares and is located at Campo das Vertentes, a region recognized by gold in the past. It produces natural coffees, with notes of chocolate, plum and extremely sweet.

Several projects were created and implemented at Jaguara. (Click here to learn about them)

The union of knowledge and commitment worked so well that, in 2019, they participated for the first time in the
Cup of Excellence contest with one of their micro-batches and the coffee produced by them was ranked as the fifth best Brazilian coffee, with a score of 90.47 points.

The farm carries out several quality projects every year and has a strong focus on fermentation, anaerobic, aerobic processes, fermenting the coffees in barrels, in polypropylene bags, drying boxes and fermentation tanks, creating unique and exotic flavors.


Fermentação Jaguara
Fermentação Jaguara
Fermentação Jaguara
Awards and Certifications

5th best  Brazilian coffee at Cup of Excellence - 2019

2nd Place - Best of the Year Award - 2018/2019 harvest - Cafebras



Yellow and red Catuaí, Yellow Catucaí, Acaiá, Mundo Novo, Yellow Bourbon, Arara.



State: Minas Gerais

City: São João Del Rei
Region: Campo das Vertentes
Altitude: 1040 m

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