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Santa Lucia Farm

Santa Lucia was acquired in 1994. Since then, the whole family has been working together, respecting and protecting farm workers.

Some of them are so dear that they are considered part of the family and their names, as Diquinho, was given to the coffee produced. In total, there are 123 hectares of land.

It is located in a region known as Serra das Abelhas, which gets its name due to the characteristic of sweet coffees, which refer to the flavor of honey.

The remaining areas are native forest, which have been recovered around 25% since the purchase of the farm.
In 2016, they started intense work in quality, selecting the best cultivars, looking forward for improvement and in that year the farm won at 6th best natural Brazilian coffee on cup of excellence.


Fermentação - Santa Lúcia
Fermentação - Santa Lúcia
Fermentação - Santa Lúcia

Awards and Certifications

6th best  Brazilian coffee at Cup of Excellence - 2016



Red and Yellow Catuaí, Yellow Catucaí, Acaiá, Mundo Novo.



State: Minas Gerais

City: Três Corações
Region: Mantiqueira
Altitude: 1200 m

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