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We are a Brazilian family, green coffee exporters and passionate about its production.


Producers for over 60 years, we are agronomists, green coffee specialists and cuppers.

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Our Coffees

We are suppliers of green coffees, with unique, exotic, different flavors and we sell in an ethical and transparent way.

Our Farms

With ecological planting and harvesting practices, we also value our people beyond our land.
The harmony between cultivation, man, nature is our main objective.

Our team

We are a team of dedicated professionals who are passionate about what we do. Administrators, agronomists, cuppers and roasters, with the challenge of delivering the best coffee!

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How about a cup of coffee?


Alameda Olívio Bregalda, 295 - Santa Luiza, Varginha - MG, 37062-680, Brazil
Tel: +55 35 3015-3772

We are waiting for you!

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